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I obtained these original documents from Rita Masters.  She and her husband Dick (now deceased) are the ones who found the club and negotiated the purchase price back in 1964 or 5.  I believe Dick was the Lodge Chair of the club, which by the way, was formed before we found and purchased the building.  These are notes he kept from the early meetings including the lodge survey reports that were submitted for the club.  


I had forwarded that to my parents and asked them to add anything they thought important (they are both moving so that isn't happening any time soon) but Mom did forward it to Rita, who is a neighbor here in Williston Vermont, and Rita mentioned to Mom her memory of the find. 


Search teams volunteered to search NH, VT and ME.  Childcare was a consideration as well as ticket price and travel time.


The Master's ventured up Paradise Road, wondering what was up there.  It was only a block off of their usual ride to Cannon on Rte 3.  They stopped at what was the Royal Hotel, now the lodge and Dick went in to inquire.  Rita stayed in their car with Robin who was about 2 1/2.  After a half hour or so, Dick hadn't come out, so Rita went to the front door, and it was open. She could hear Dick and the owners negotiating a selling price so she went back to the car to wait.  They settled on $32K and the rest they history.  


I also have the original sketch drawings of the Lodge that were presented at the membership meeting. Much bigger paper.  I'll try to get them scanned also.




Betsy Stanford