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Our LODGE is located at 22 Paradise Road, North Woodstock, New Hampshire, and includes 29 rooms plus a large dorm and a small dorm.  The following set of rules is required to insure the smooth operation of the Lodge:



1.  Ski Season – The ski season typically runs from December 26 through April 1. During the ski season a Host will be responsible for administering each week.  The Host is expected to be in residence at the Lodge for the weekend or find a substitute who will be in residence at the Lodge for the weekend.  Some necessary duties will be assigned by them.  During ski season payment for weekends and vacation weeks must be paid by member check to the Host before dinner is served on Saturday.  For all other Lodge use during the year, send your reservation form and check to the Treasurer.


2. Work Weekends

2.1 Members must complete their work weekend obligation by December 1.

2.2 Members may be excused from the work weekend requirement for good cause with the approval from the Lodge Chair or Executive Committee. Members must notify the Lodge Chair and/or the Executive Committee in writing of their need for such consideration prior to the last work weekend of the fall season.

2.3 Prospective members may not participate in work weekends, and visits to the Lodge during a work weekend do not count towards qualifying Lodge visits for the purpose of fulfilling membership application requirements.


3.  Off Season

3.1 Guest Regulations

Reservations for more than 15 guests, including children, during the off season must be approved by the Lodge Committee Chairman.  The Lodge will not be available to large groups on holiday weekends: Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, and Thanksgiving Day.  No more than 3 large groups will be scheduled in any month. The sponsors of a large group will assume the role of Host for the weekend.  Members who submit reservations in accordance with the Lodge rules have priority in the use of the Lodge and the choice of rooms.  Guests of the large group will have priority over guests of other members. The sponsors of large groups assume all responsibility for their guests.  A letter will be mailed to the sponsors by the Lodge Committee Chairman when a large group is approved.  The letter reviews the large group use of the Lodge with emphasis on care of the facility and clean-up.

3.2 Lodge Supplies

Members and their guests are responsible for bringing their own food for use in the Lodge during the off season.  This is to include coffee and cereal.  Staples such as toilet paper, soap, and paper towels may be used.  If the member notices that these items are in short supply, the Lodge Committee Chairman should be notified.

3.3 Kitchen Use

Large groups will share the kitchen with any members who are using the Lodge at the same time.


To make reservation assignments on a more equitable basis, the Club uses a lottery system.  A random number computer program is used to establish priority assignments on a week-by-week basis, from Friday to Thursday.  Priority numbers will be drawn for each family for each week. Reservations for Christmas and February vacations will be made in accordance with the special instructions for the reservation forms for the Christmas/New Year's period and the February Vacation period.

Reservations for all other weekends will be made in the following way:

1. Priority Numbers- The family holding the lowest priority number --#1-- for a given weekend will act as Host.  However, no one family will be Host more than once per year.  There will be no transfer of priority numbers between members.

2. Normal Reservation Procedure-Weekends  Priority options must be exercised by sending a reservation form to the Host.  This form must be received by the Host no later than 9:00 p.m. on Monday preceding the weekend to be reserved.

3.  Confirmation of your priority reservations may be assured by calling the Host on the Wednesday evening prior to the weekend you are going.  Room preferences as stated on the form will be honored by priority number in so far as may be consistent with the optimum use of the Lodge.  You will have to check your room assignment with the Host at the Lodge Friday evening. Be sure to list several room choices.

4.  Guest reservations must be submitted by you on a separate form prior to 9:00 p.m. on Monday.   Guest reservations and room assignments will be made by priority number of sponsor after member requirements have been satisfied. Prospective members have priority over other guests.  If the member’s priority number is high and the club is full, there may not be room for their guests.  Guest reservations will be confirmed on Wednesday after late member reservations have been accommodated.  If you do not hear by Wednesday at 9:00 p.m., your guests have a reservation.  

5.  Normal Reservation Procedures-Midweek

Members desiring midweek reservations will forward their reservation forms to the Host responsible for days of the week that are being requested and call for room assignments.  The priority numbers provided cover the period Friday through Thursday.  

6.  Multiple Guest Reservations

Reservations for more than five (5) guests per family membership or three (3) guests per derivative membership must be approved by the Lodge Committee Chairman.


1.  Cancellations are to be made by phone call to the Host AS SOON AS YOU KNOW, or call the RESERVATION CHAIRMAN if you cannot contact the Host. Do not send cancellation messages to the LexSki email address.

2.  Cancellations without financial penalty can be made no later than 8:00 p.m. Wednesday prior to the weekend.  In the event of contagious disease, disabling injury, or family death, please notify the Host as quickly as possible.  If you fail to cancel by 8:00 p.m. Wednesday, you will be billed at $10 per adult member per weekend.


1.  If you miss the Monday 9 p.m. deadline, late reservations may be requested by calling the Host by 8:00 p.m. Wednesday evening.  Late reservations will be made on a space-available basis.

2.  Additional late reservations can be requested by calling the Host at the Lodge Friday evenings
(603-745-8585), or you may go up to the Lodge on a standby basis at your own risk.


1.  All members and guests must register immediately upon arrival at the Lodge.  Members are responsible for the registration of their guests.  Importance of this cannot be over-emphasized not only because it is required by New Hampshire state law, but also because it is essential to the efficient operation of the Lodge.

2.  Room assignments will be given by the Host at the Lodge or by phone for midweek skiers.  Do not change rooms without talking to the Host.  Check in/out time is 4:00 p.m.

3.  Children and Junior Members must be accompanied by a parent or other adult member who assumes responsibility for the child or Junior Member's behavior.  It is not possible for a non-member to bring a guest.  Children and Junior Members must be sponsored IN ADVANCE OF ARRIVAL AT LODGE.

4.  A member must be in residence at the Lodge when guests are present. However, guests 21 and older may be left in the Club between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. without any member of the Club being present.  Children of those guests may be left in residence with their parents.  In such cases, it is the responsibility of the sponsor to provide the  guest the Lodge lock combination and instruct the guest in the Lodge alarm system and lock-up procedures.  Sponsors remain responsible for the actions of their guests.  This includes obeying the noise, smoking, and other Lodge regulations.


6.  Teenagers should expect to sleep in the dorms and should bring appropriate bedding.



1. Guest Charges (Per Person):


Adults                                   $20.00/day Children (13-20 years)        $  6.00/day

Note:  Children <13 sharing parents room 

                   stay for free                                                                                 


2. Charges for Community Meals:

Full Breakfast (4 years of age and over)    $5.00

Dinner (4 thru thirteen years)                     $5.00

Dinner (14 years and over)                        $10.00

It is the responsibility of members to PAY THEIR BILLS, not the responsibility of the Host to collect them.  During ski season and on crowded weekends, a Host will be available for one hour before Saturday night dinner to collect payment for lodging and meals.  ALL MUST PAY AT THIS TIME.  Late payments are subject to a 10% charge.

3.    Payments are to be by MEMBER CHECK ONLY.  Do not leave money on desk.  Always pay someone responsible for collection.

4.    When community meals are being served, all persons in residence NOT taking a meal will be charged a $2.00 service charge per breakfast and $5.00 per dinner.  (For ages 4-13, dinner not taken fee is $2.00.)

5.Billing questions should be directed to the Treasurer, not the Reservation Committee.


1.  Members bringing their own food must not interfere with the storage of community food.  All non-community food and beer requiring refrigeration must be stored in designated refrigerators on weekends when community meals are being served.  NO FOOD OTHER THAN COMMUNITY FOOD MAY BE LEFT AT THE LODGE AFTER ALL THE MEMBERS LEAVE.  ALL PERISHABLE FOOD LEFT IN THE REFRIGERATORS WILL BE DISCARDED AND ANY FOOD LEFT AT THE LODGE AUTOMATICALLY BECOMES COMMUNITY FOOD.  Refrigerators in bar area and dining room are for storage of members’ personal food.  Refrigerators in Lodge kitchen are for Lodge kitchen use only.

2.  The Kitchen Committee will determine method to be used in preparing and serving meals, in washing dishes, and cleaning the dining room and kitchen.

3. Main meals are to be taken in dining area.  Children sixteen (16) and under eat at the first sitting.  Adults eat at the second sitting.

4.  If there are two seatings at dinner and you are the parent of children 8 years old or younger, an adult needs to stay with your children during the meal.

If you have older children and feel they need help, please help your child as needed and check on them during the meal and during your adult meal as well.

5.  All parents: please remember to check in with your children during socializing hours and meal times and remain responsible for your children's behavior. This includes bar time, meal times and afterwards.  If you have a guest in residence, please know this includes them, and it is the member's responsibility to help the guest know and follow this rule and all rules.

6.  Dress code is informal but footwear is required.

7.  The kitchen is to be used for community food preparation only.  If you are not engaged in community food preparation, you are NOT permitted in the kitchen.

8.  Dinner may be cancelled by notifying the Host by 8:00 a.m.  Breakfast may be cancelled by notifying the Host on the night before.

9.  Non-resident guest dinner reservations will be made on a space-available basis and are to be confirmed by the Host to the chef.

10.  Persons with special dietary requirements or restrictions must make their own arrangements.


Do not block entrance, exit or driveway at rear of Lodge. No parking in the fire lane beside west wing.



1.  Downhill skis may be stored in the cellar or the attic. XC skis should be stored in the attic. All skis may be kept in the Boot Room when you are in residence.

2.  Boots:  Enter the Boot Room and REMOVE boots BEFORE proceeding into remainder of Lodge.  Boots kept in rooms are to be kept on plastic mats until dry.  Boots stored in the Boot Room should be on the rack.

3.  Waxing:  This should be done in the cellar only.

4.  Clothing should not be left in living room other than on racks.


The Lodge is NOT a storage area for unused or unwanted items. Our objective is to minimize the space dedicated to storage.


Storage space in the bar will be limited to those members and guests in residence at the Lodge.

A.   Storage cabinets on the east wall of the bar room will be used to store all items, with the exception of spirits (wine, liquor and beer) and those items that require refrigeration. Each current member will be issued their own tub container for storage in the cabinet. Put your name on it. The club will provide extra tubs for guest use. These tubs will be placed in the cabinet in the space indicated by the room number on the cabinet shelf and be available for the duration of your stay in the Lodge. At the end of your stay remove the tubs from the cabinet, and take them with you.

B.  The two refrigerators in the bar room may be used by members and guests. All items placed in these refrigerators must have your name on them. Amounts of beer and wine should be no more than you plan to consume during the next 24 hours.  At the end of your stay remove all items from the refrigerator.

C.  Liquor may be stored in your tub or in the liquor cabinet. Limited amounts of beer and wine may be stored in the cabinets behind the bar. Use your good judgment on the limit.

D.  ALL items found in the refrigerators or the cabinets on the east wall after your visit to the Lodge will be considered club property and will be discarded or made available for use by other members.


A.  One (1) locker or equivalent space per family, not to exceed 4 ft. X 2 ft. (3 ft. X 2 ft. preferred). Existing larger lockers are grandfathered.

B.  Owners’ names must be written on outside of locker.

C. Locks are discouraged. Locked lockers can be a problem if they need to be moved for Club repairs.

D.  Removal/Transfer of lockers: Active members and inactive members are entitled to have a locker. When a member leaves the Club, he/she must dispose of their locker by:

1.  Removing the locker

2.  Selling or giving the locker to another member

3.  If the locker is not removed/transferred within 6 months, the abandoned locker will be offered to the membership by lottery.

E. No food or combustibles (e.g., white gas) is to be stored in the attic.


SMOKING is NOT PERMITTED anywhere in the Lodge at any time.


1.  Consideration should be shown members who go to bed early.  TV should be turned off at 11:00 p.m.  No noise objectionable to the majority should be allowed.  After 11:30 p.m. downstairs area shall remain quiet.

2.  Refrain from yelling, slamming doors, talking loudly above first floor and in bedroom areas.

3.  Children are not allowed out of their room before 7:00 a.m. without a responsible adult.

4.  Bedtime Hours:

           i.                 9 and under        9:00 p.m.

          ii.                  10 thru 12         10:00 p.m.

         iii.                  13 thru 14         11:00 p.m.

         iv.                 15 thru 17         11:30 p.m.

This applies to all children in residence. A parent or sponsoring adult must not retire until their children 17 or under are in bed.

5.  SPONSORSHIP - No CHILDREN shall be left in Lodge unattended. If a child remains in residence inside the Lodge, sponsorship may be changed once, to another willing adult member.  No children under 18 in residence may be outside the Lodge after 11:30 p.m. unless accompanied by a parent or sponsor.

6.  Between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m., the bedroom area is to be quiet.

7.  Dormitory Lights Out: The dormitory shall be quiet and lights must be out at 10:00 p.m.  Older children using the dorms who come in later than 10:00 p.m. must not disturb those already in bed by making noise or turning on lights.  Children over 13 years will be given sleeping accommodations in the dorms.

8.  During cocktail hours, no members and guests under drinking age are allowed in bar.  However, children are allowed in all other common areas at any time.



2.  All members must acquaint their guests with the Lodge Rules and Regulations.  Sponsors are responsible for the actions of their guests. This includes noise, cleaning of rooms, the no smoking rule, and all other Lodge regulations.

3.  Boys are not permitted in girls’ dorm at any time.  Girls are not permitted in the boys’ dorm at any time.

4.  Teenage members' visitors are allowed back to the Lodge for teenage activities under sponsorship of teenage members' parents.

5.  Horseplay or conduct unbecoming a Lexington Ski Club member is not permitted. Your conduct in and away from the Lodge reflects upon the Lexington Ski Club.  Offenders will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis which could involve suspension or expulsion.

6.  Unmarried couples are not permitted to occupy the same room, unless one is current club member and they are both at least 25 years old.


Infraction of the above rules by any person will be subject to the following penalties at the discretion of the Executive Board:

1.  First Offense - loss of Lodge privileges for two (2) weeks.

2.  Second Offense - loss of Lodge privileges for one (1) month.

3.  On extended periods, such as Christmas and February vacations, children who are offenders will be removed to their parents' or sponsors' room for sleeping for the balance of their stay.


1.  Assess complaint and, if valid, discuss with individual involved.

2.   If not satisfactorily resolved, in Host's opinion, and individual is a minor, discuss problem with parent or sponsor.

3.  If still not satisfactorily resolved, situation is to be detailed on Host's report for Lodge Committee action.


1.  Last person retiring should turn off unnecessary lights.

2.  Check that doors are closed and thermostat set at 64 degrees, and that thermostat timer has enough time to last until breakfast.  See Helpful Hints for details.

XVI.  WiFi, Cell Phones, Electronics Usage


Use of computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices is prohibited in the Living Room and Bar on Friday and Saturday evenings after 4:00 p.m. This restriction will be in effect on Sunday evening for holiday weekends that carry over into Monday and also during Christmas and February vacation weeks.

Use of computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices is prohibited in the Dining Room while community meals are being served. These restrictions apply to computers, cell phones, and all other electronic devices (except electronic book readers).


Remember that this is a shared network. Therefore, please be considerate of other Internet users and refrain from downloading content that would cause a drain on network bandwidth.


1.  EVERYONE is responsible for cleaning his or her own room. Do not leave any personal gear.

2.  Beds are to be left unmade with the spread on and the blanket folded at the bottom of the bed.

3.  Members should check their guests’ room to ensure they have been properly cleaned and the entire checkout list has been complied with.

4.  The last member leaving the Lodge should set the alarm and lock all doors, upstairs and downstairs.