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LexSki Club Reservations Committee

Bev & Frank Colby

Deanna Chan

Susan Osten





This is a high level timeline of hosting responsibilities. Read “Hosting – Detailed Reservations Instructions” for more information.


BEFORE your hosting weekend


Reservations received by 9 pm will have their priority numbers honored.  Any reservation sent after 9 pm will have no priority number and will be added to the room request queue on a “first come, first served” basis. 



¨ Based on the # of reservations, determine if there are enough rooms available to meet demand.

¨ Calculate meal counts (breakfast & dinner by adults/children) and email #s to Kitchen Committee at



¨ Be available to accept calls/emails about reservations.  Any Member reservation submitted by 8 pm is accommodated over guest

¨ Assign rooms (For more information on how to assign rooms, see “Hosting – Detailed Reservations Instructions”)

¨ By 9 pm, contact any member(s) whose reservation or their guests can’t be accommodated for the weekend.



¨ Email by 9 pm (preferably earlier) with the Last Names of Members only (not guests) who are heading up to the club along with meal counts, anyone members who will be skipping meals, coming up without spouses or coming up for only one night.  The Reservations Committee will call/email you back with the duty roster assignments.

¨ Email final meal counts to Kitchen Committee,


DURING your hosting weekend


¨ Ensure room assignments and assigned duty roster list are posted on the white board at the club.

¨ Leave a copy of the finalized meal counts for each meal on a full size sheet of paper on the kitchen counter for the chef.


SATURDAY evening

¨ Collect all payments (MEMBER CHECKS ONLY).



¨ Close up the Lodge when leaving. If you won’t be the last person to leave, arrange for the last person to close up the Lodge.  Be sure ovens and burners are off, trash has been placed in the dumpster, lock all doors, etc.


AFTER your hosting weekend


        Email the following information:

¨ The reservation nights for each Member and their guests

¨ Duty assignment results



¨    Mail all signed reservation forms, checks, and any unauthorized, late cancellations to Treasurer:

Dan Connell, 64 Robbins Road, Arlington, MA 02476.  Questions? His email is