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LexSki Club Reservations Committee

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First time hosting? Please don't hesitate to ask for help – either from one of your sponsors or any of us on Reservation Committee.


      When you have priority number 1, you are Host for 7 days beginning that Friday morning and ending the following Friday. 

Before your Hosting weekend, please read instructions below.  If you are unable to carry out your duties, you must swap with another member or find a substitute.

      If your family includes a Junior Member (JM) and he/she will be coming up without parents on your assigned hosting weekend, he/she can host.  It is the parents’ responsibility to prepare their Junior Member by reviewing all Ski Club Packet materials and ALL hosting duties and responsibilities. The family may elect to swap or find a substitute if the JM  would rather not take this on.


EXCEPTIONS: If your hosting falls on a vacation period, the Reservations Committee will assign all rooms and calculate meal counts prior to the vacation period.  Once the vacation period commences, the hosting duties transfer from the Reservations Committee to the Host.  See item #13 under Friday.  This includes handling cancellations, room changes, collecting fees and trash removal.                            


MONDAY before your hosting weekend


1.       Here’s the basic sequence for assigning rooms:

              By the 9 pm Monday due date (Exceptions - New Year Holiday and February vacation periods)

a)       All Members (M) who submitted reservations by 9 pm Monday will have their priority numbers honored.

b)       All Prospective Members (PM), according to priority number of their Member** sponsors, but after all members.

c)          All Guests, in priority number order of Member** (Guests of M1, M2, etc.) but after all Members and PMs.


** as long as the Member submitted their reservations by the Monday 9 pm deadline


After the Due date and time

d)       All Members who call/email by 8 pm Wednesday evening are accommodated on first come, first served basis –

after all Members, but before PMs and guests. 

e)          After 8 pm Wednesday, Members can have any open rooms but PMs/Guests cannot be displaced.


NOTE: You may want to defer finalizing room assignments until Wednesday to accommodate late reservations.


Note: Our objective is to maximize usage of the club.  Members may not get their room request if there are a large number of member families who need rooms with bunks.  When the Lodge is full, families must stay together in rear motel rooms and leave the front rooms free for others.  (There are cots available for families with more than two children.  They can be found in the linen closet, mattress under the bunk in room 9, and the rear of Motel 4.).  Member requests should not be overridden to accommodate guests.  You may ask a member for permission to override a request for a guest, but there is no expectation or obligation on the member to give it.


2.       The use of the Large Dorm (5 bunks, holds 10 people) and Small Dorm (3 bunks, holds 6) by teenage boys or girls who are between the ages of 13 to 18 will be determined by the number of each gender that are expected to be in residence for that weekend.  There are two back rooms in the upper Large Dorm that can be used for a single person (but must be the same sex as the teens using the upper dorm at that time).


3.       Junior Member with Parents present:  A Family Member (FM) may request a second room for one of their children if they are a Junior Member (JM) or aged 18 years or older.  This second room has the same priority as the first room for getting into the lodge.  The second room does not have the same priority as the first room for room assignments.  The second room should be assigned after first room requests have been honored for all other members.  Generally the second room will be in the derivative wing but it does not have to be if the lodge is not crowded.

4.       Junior Member without Parents present:  A Junior Member (JM) coming up without their parents has the same priority as their parents.  The exception to this would be when granting the requested room causes a Member couple further down the priority list to be assigned to a double bed.  In that case the Junior Member can be moved by the host. 


5.       A Member, who requests a room mid-week (Monday to Friday) of your host week, should submit their reservations to you.  Please assign their rooms according to priority and post them on the room board.


6.       During ski season, the number of guests members can sponsor is limited.  Each Member family can have 5 guests, including children.  A Junior Member may sponsor guests in the absence of the parents, but the total for the family (both Junior and Family) may not be more than 5 guests.  If there are more than 5 guests, find another Member to sponsor the rest or contact the Lodge Chair to ask for permission.  Derivative Members (DM) can only have 3 guests.  Members may invite guests, who are not staying at the club, to join us for any of our meals by contacting the host to include them in the meal counts.


7.       Unmarried couples may not be assigned to the same room, unless the unmarried adults are both 25 years old or older and one of them is a Member.


8.       If lodging is needed for the chef on duty, please assign Room 18 to him/her.



9.       Rectify any incorrectly filled out reservation.  Based on # of reservations, determine if there are enough rooms available.

10.    Please do a preliminary meal count for each breakfast and dinner by adult and children and email this information

to Kitchen Committee at kitchen.lexski@gmail.com so they may plan how much food to order for the weekend.  



11.    Hosts MUST be able to accept calls/emails on Wednesday night.   Any Members who call/email by 8 pm Wednesday evening are accommodated on first come, first served basis - after all Members, but before PMs and guests. 

After 8 pm, any Members requesting a room can have any available, open room but PMs/Guests cannot be displaced.

12.    Finalize room assignments. Then contact any Member by 9 pm if their reservation or guests cannot be accommodated.

13.    CANCELLATION: Members who cancel after 8 pm without a reason will incur a cancellation fee of $10 per adult.



14.    Email LexSkiRes@gmail.com no later than 9 pm Thursday with :

a)       The expected meal count (adults/children) for each breakfast and dinner

b)       LAST NAMES OF MEMBERS going that weekend for which nights. 

Please indicate if any adult member is coming up solo and whether they will NOT BE PRESENT for a meal.  This

helps us assign duties.  Afterwards, you will be contacted by Reservations Committee with Duty Roster Assignments.  We will also provide you a list of the next few families in line should a member is unable fulfill their duty.


NOTE: Duties are assigned based on how often you and your guests use the Lodge during ski season.  The more you use,

the more duty assignments you will have.  Breakfast, bar or dinner duty assignments will be random, and the expectation is that you should not get the same type of assignment every time.



15.    ASSIGNMENTS: If you can’t get to the Lodge early Friday evening, arrange to have the final list of room and duty assignments delivered to another member who is going there early or email the lists to the entire membership.  Remember to include mid-week room assignments too.

NOTE: See to it that all members appointed to duties are aware of their duties and carry them out.  Otherwise,

you as Host, are responsible.  In case of a no-show, the HOST will assign the duty to next family in line.



a)      HEAT: Please turn on the heat using the timer knob – the temperature is preset.

b)      ALARM: If set, turn off the alarm before you open any of the doors leading to the bedroom wings.

The alarm switch is high on the wall next to the lower numbered rooms [Rooms 1-4].  The alarm lights are along

the front of the top porch facing the street.  The alarm lights are off if the alarm is on and the lights are on when

the alarm if off.  The alarm is not wired to the police station; it is used to frighten intruders!

c)      ASSIGNMENTS: Post the room assignments list for the week on the board with dry erase markers only.

d)      DUTIES: Post all duty assignments on the white board.

Check the arrival day of all members who have been assigned duties.  Make sure that the member who was

assigned the duty is or will be at the club.

For example, if the person who has breakfast duty has not arrived, perhaps switch the Saturday breakfast

person with the Sunday person.  Make sure the person who is switched is told before they go to bed.

e)      MEAL COUNTS:  Leave the meal counts on a full size sheet of paper in the kitchen on the counter on Friday night

so that the chef has the final count when he comes in on Saturday morning.  If there are any changes after that, make sure you let the chef know.  Introduce yourself to the chef on Saturday morning.  You are the club liaison

with the chef for the weekend and will need to deal with any question or issue that arises.                                             

f)       LIGHTS: Turn ON outside lights -

i.         Spotlight over unpacking ramp.  Switch is on the wall above Motel 5.  This shines on entry walk from the parking lot.  Turn the light off in the morning as you leave for skiing.

ii.       Main parking lot.  The switch is above the outside door between Rooms 8 & 9.

iii.      OPTIONAL, near wood pile.  This goes on with a photo electric cell.  It does shine into Rooms 20 – 23.  If anyone is bothered by this light, it can be turned off by setting the timer that is on kitchen wall above the heating table.

g)      SIGN: Each evening, turn on the Club sign.  Switch is located in the common area next to wall abutting the front door.  Turn it off before going to bed.

h)      APPLIANCES: Turn on the electrical switches for the coffee pot and hot chocolate machine.  For the hot chocolate machine, there are 2 switches that need to be turned on: on the side of the machine and one inside the front door. 

i)        OUTSIDE DOORS: Lock all outside doors at night before going to bed.  Make sure that anyone staying in motel

rooms know how to unlock the front door.



17.    OUTSIDE DOORS: Before leaving for skiing, please make sure all 6 outside doors on main floor (kitchen, back and front boot room doors, small dorm door, front door, wood pile door) and the three upstairs doors (in large dorm room, between rooms 2 and 3, and between rooms 8 & 9) are locked.  Also, make sure the front and back doors to each motel room are locked.

18.    PAYMENTS:  Collect all MEMBERS CHECKS ONLY before dinner.  (Members pay for guests, guests reimburse members.)

As Host, you are responsible for collecting all checks and signed reservation forms, plus any unauthorized, late cancellations to the Treasurer immediately after the weekend.  Also collect mid-weekers forms, if any. They should be located in the office – a folder on the desk or in the wood box.  Please send all forms and checks to the Treasurer.  If there are any payments missing, please let the Treasurer know.

CANCELLATIONS: If anyone cancels after 8 PM Wednesday night, there is a $10 charge per adult, unless the cancellation is due to illness.  Notify the member via email about the amount owed and have them send a check directly to the Treasurer. 

19.    DINNER: If more than 50 people are present for dinner, advise the chef that there should be two seatings for dinner.

20.    ANNOUNCEMENTS: Saturday dinner announcements are done by an Executive Board officer or a past officer. 

If there are none present, then you as host introduce guests and make any other necessary announcements.

21.    COMPLAINTS: All complaints of wrongdoing at the Lodge will be directed to the Hosts, who should try to resolve

the matter.  If the situation needs to be escalated, contact a member of the Executive Board.

22.    LOCK UP: Before going to bed, lock all outside doors and make sure nothing has been left on in the kitchen.



23.    BREAKFAST DUTY: Please remind Sunday morning breakfast duty members that they are responsible for turning off

both coffee pot burners and hot chocolate machine, washing coffee pots and emptying trash.  When breakfast duty

is over, the breakfast crew should tell anyone who wants to linger with coffee and/or breakfast that they are responsible for cleaning up their own dishes, turning off coffee burners and for washing coffee pots.  If coffee pots are left on to boil out, the coffee pot will shatter when washed. 

24.    LOG BOOK: This can be found on the desk in the office.  Before you are ready to leave the club, please write down new items that need fixing in the log book.  Copy all recent entries from the book and email to Lodge Chair for timely action on needed repairs.  Please mark, date and initial the last item recorded in the log.

25.    TRASH: If full, please empty these -

a)       Trash barrel and recycle at the topof the stairs

b)       Wastebaskets in the ladies’ and men's rooms

c)       Kitchen trash and recycle (This should have already been emptied by the breakfast crew)

d)       Bar trash and recycle (This should have been emptied by bar crew)

NOTE: The dumpster is emptied automatically every other week.  If it is overflowing, directly call Waste Management

to have it emptied.  The phone number is 800.972.4545 and give them our account # 278-35343.

26.    APPLIANCES/LIGHTS: Recheck that the following are turned off -

27.    ALARM: Make sure the doors to each of the 3 wings upstairs are closed, and then turn on the alarm.  The switch for the alarm is high up on the wall above the door going to the bedroom wing with Rooms 1-4, etc.

28.    OUTSIDE DOORS: Make sure all doors are locked -

Upstairs (3 doors):

a)       Door between Rooms 2 and 3

b)       Door between Rooms 8 and 9

c)       Door in upstairs dorm room (entrance to dorm is between Rooms 16 and 17)

Main Floor (6 doors):

d)       Front door (It is located between the living room and TV room)

e)       Door near the men’s bathroom (located between fireplace area and dining room)

f)        Kitchen door

g)       Door in small dorm room

h)       Rear boot room door (Next to downstairs dorm room)

i)         Front boot room door

Motels (6 doors):   Front and back doors of all motel rooms – Motel 3, 4 and 5


MONDAY after your hosting weekend

29.    Email LexSkiRes@gmail.com with the following information:

a)          A list of Member families who were in attendance at the Lodge and total number of reservation nights incurred. 


NOTE: The club duties of breakfast, bar and dinner are assigned on the basis of reservation nights rather than

person nights, for each night stayed when breakfast is served the following morning.  During ski season, that

would be Fridays and Saturdays and many of the vacation nights for the New Year and February vacation periods.   One Member reservation for one night counts as 1 reservation night, while one reservation for 7 nights counts

as 7 reservation nights.  Thus, a Member reservation for a family of 1,2,3 or more persons counts as 1 reservation

night per night and each Guest reservation counts as 1 reservation night per night.



i.         A Member family making 3 separate reservations – one for themselves and two more for guest families – would receive 3 reservation nights for each night they stay.

ii.          A derivative Member bringing a friend would receive 2 reservation nights for each night they stay.





Prospective Members (PM) are an exception to this rule.  You will not be charged duty nights for sponsoring a PM at the Club.  A prospective family is one that has submitted a membership application and is on the Membership Committee’s list.  Your friends that have expressed some interest but haven’t applied for membership are not PMs. They are your guests.


b)                                                                                A list of who actually performed which duty assignment.  If nothing changed, please confirm that.



30.    Mail ALL signed reservation forms, checks, and any unauthorized, late cancellations to Treasurer -

Dan Connell, 64 Robbins Road, Arlington, MA 02476.  Questions? His email is treasurer.lexski@gmail.com. 


31.Pour yourself a glass of wine and put your feet up – you deserve it!