To provide the best accommodations for the most people for the greatest length of time, please indicate if members of your family are arriving late or departing early.  It might mean a chance for someone else to ski!


   DUE DATE:  Monday, January 28th, 2019 at 9 pm.  Separate forms for guests please!

   EMAIL your form(s) to:






1.  PERIODS:   This February vacation week [Feb. 15-24] will be separated into two reservation periods: 

                          First Half:         Friday night, February 15th - Wednesday morning, February 20th

                          Second Half:    Wednesday night, February 20th  – Sunday breakfast, February 24th


2.  FORM:  Download February Vacation Reservation form, fill it out, and email it to


Incorrect/incomplete forms necessitate extra coordination and delays!


3.  PRIORITY NUMBER:   Enter your priority number for each reservation period on the form.  Acceptances will be given by order of priority number.  We strive to accommodate each member family request of at least one time period.  Although we speak of two reservation periods, you need not make reservations for the entire period if you do not intend to stay.  Acceptances are given by priority number, not length of stay.


4.  GUESTS:  Be sure to include your priority # and contact information when submitting your guest forms.


5.  EMAIL:  Send your reservation form to


6.  DUE DATE:  Forms must be received by due date listed above for priority #s to be effective and honored.


7.  CONFIRMATION:  The Reservation Committee will confirm all reservations within 1-2 weeks of the due date.


8.  CANCELLATIONS:  For any cancellations or changes, please email as SOON AS YOU KNOW.  By Thursday (the day before February vacation begins), please contact the Host directly either at their home or at the Lodge (603.745.8585) for any changes.


9.  MEALS:  If you do not honor your reservations and neglect to call to cancel according to the regulations, you will be charged for meals and room cancellation fees.  Meals during the vacation period will be announced based on availability of the chef and the minimum number of adults staying at the Club has been met.  Our first meal is expected to be breakfast on Saturday, February 16th.


10.  ROOMS:  Each family will be expected to occupy 1 room (with the exception of children ages 13-17 in the dorms).


QUESTIONS?  Contact Reservations Committee via email at  We are happy to help!