How to Sponsor a Prospective Member

This is a brief checklist for members sponsoring prospective members.  For complete details, read your Membership Information Packet.  To obtain a Membership Application, go to the membership section of the website or call the Membership Committee Chair, Joe SCHOLL: 781-891-1832.

Club Members -- Please remember that it is your obligation to guide your prospective family all the way through their application process:  it is not a self-guided trail for applicants!  Encourage them to read the Information Packet.  Answer their questions.  Keep in touch with them.  If you have questions, call the Membership Chair or any E-Board member.

1. Two sponsor families (not of the same family as the applicant or each other) are required for each family applying for membership.  Applicants must complete and submit the Membership Application (download from the website) and two sponsor letters.

2. Each sponsor family must write a letter of recommendation to the Membership Committee stating that they know the applicant family well and are confident the the applicants are committed to skiing and to the cooperative spirit of the ski club.

The application is not complete until all three items are received by the Membership Chair.  Once these items are received, the applicant family is considered a Prospective Family.

3. When their application requirements are complete, prospective members (husband and wife) are announced in the Yodeler.  They are invited by the Membership Committee Chair to meet with the E-Board at an upcoming regular monthly meeting (first Tuesday) for an informal interview.

4. Prospective members (husband and wife) must attend at least one regular monthly Membership Meeting, and the whole family must stay at the lodge for two weekend visits (Friday and Saturday overnights and Saturday dinner) when 20 members are present.  This two-weekend requirement may also be satisfied by attending more weekends with at least 10 members present at each, for a cumulative total of 40 members.

The intent here is to have members and prospective members get to know each other, so be sure to introduce your prospective families to as many club members as possible during meetings and weekends.

5. Completion of this section of the requirements shall take no more than two years from the date of becoming prospective members.  Application requirements not completed within two years render the application void.

6. After the E-Board interview, the Membership Committee announces the names of the prospective members at the next Membership Meeting or in the Yodeler.  Club members have 14 days after the announcement to express doubt or disapproval.

7. Having heard nothing negative against the prospective members, when an opening becomes available, the Membership Committee Chair will inform the prospective family of their acceptance and ask the Treasurer to send them a prorated bill for club dues.

8. The Waiting List:  Prospective families who have completed their requirements will be placed on a waiting list in order of their completion date.  Another family's resignation or transfer to inactive statue will create an opening.  The prospective members must attend a minimum of one club function or stay at the lodge over a weekend at least once annually to hold their place on the waiting list.  While on the waiting list, prospective families have the priority number of their attending sponsor and ahead of other guests who are not prospective families.

Revised 11/24/2017